10 Incredible Steps to help you clean Your Bathroom Easily

Cleaning a bathroom is one of the house chores that a majority of people don’t like to do or don’t enjoy doing. It is a tough job to do, especially if you use the wrong method or the wrong tools to clean it.

Nonetheless, the bathroom is among the rooms in a house that require thorough cleaning; it should be sparkling clean.

 The following steps will help you clean your bathroom without much struggle;

  1. Get in the right mood.

Cleaning a bathroom especially the loo requires you to prepare yourself physically. Getting rid of weeks of soaps scum and dirt from the bathroom is not an easy task. If you haven’t cleaned your bathroom for a while, then you can allocate 35-50 minutes while a well-maintained bathroom, you can allocate 20 minutes.

  1. Assemble the tools and products

Assemble all the materials that you need for cleaning. Putting everything that you need will save your time. In Brisbane, you can get the cleaning tools and products easily.

The following are some of the tools that you’ll need;

  • Vacuum or mop if you have hardwood floors.
  • Glass cleaning cloth for mirrors and windows.
  • Garbage bag
  • Mop pole
  • Tub cleaner
  • Toilet brush etc.
  1. Remove all the items from their usual storage

Remove all your stuff from the shower or the bathtub. Any used towels or rugs should be placed in the washing machine. Products which are not being used should be thrown in the bin.

  1. Dust and sweep

You have to remove all the dust and cobwebs in your bathroom before you start cleaning. While dusting, you should use a duster that has a long handle to help you get into the corners and reach the light fixtures. If the fixtures are too high, then you can get a step ladder.

You can also sweep and vacuum the floor to remove loose hairs and debris that maybe on the floor.

  1. Apply the cleaner to bathtub and shower

The next step is to apply a bathroom cleaner to the shower and bathtub. You can use an all-purpose cleaner or an acid-based cleaner. After applying in those, leave it to sock for some time.

  1. Deal with the other surfaces

Next is to spray the cleaner to your sponge or cloth and wipe down all the other surfaces like shelves, towel racks, doors, blinds etc.Make sure that you wipe them thoroughly.

  1. Get backto the bathtub and shower

By now they are properly soaked and are waiting to be cleaned. Scrub away the dirt and build-up. After that, rinse them down.

  1. The sink

Spray the cleaner on the sink, countertops, and faucets, and then wipe with aclean cloth. You can use a scrubby sponge if there’s too much build-up. Use a glass cleaner on your mirror.

  1. Clean the toilet

Spray the cleaner on the toilet andscrub with a toilet brush and then you can flush. On the outside of the toilet, you can spray the cleaner and then wipe with a clean cloth.

  1. Mop the floor.

Immerse your mop into the bucket which has the cleaning solution, squeeze out the excess water, then clean the bathroom floor. Once it’s dry, you can replace the trashcan and all the laundered mats.