Best Android Phone Spy Apps to Secretly Monitor Kids’ online

The post-millennial generation has been experiencing innumerablethreats to their security and privacy. The advancement of mobile phones and the internet technologies have accelerated the occurrence of bullying and child predation incidents. The parents of the younger generation are required to supervise the digital behavior of their children to protect them from the menaces of the digital technologies. Meanwhile, they are needed to get their children learn aboutresponsible and secure use of mobile phones, social media and the internet.

To get their jobs done, the technologists have provided parents with some software applications to supervise the cell phone use of teens and tweens. Once you get your kids’ devices installed with these apps, you can be aware of their every single activity performed in real and cyber world.We have rounded up here the top cell phone spy apps that enable parents to monitor their kids’ smartphones without them knowing.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Spy Software

TheOneSpy is a best spy app for android that lets you monitor Android and iOS based mobile phones. It enables the end-user to monitor and control smartphones of their children without having physical access to these phones. The core features of this powerful spy software include tracking of text messages, MMS, social media chats, social media posts, instant messengers,emails, contacts, photos, videos and keylogs.

The cell phone surveillance app also offers live screen recording and screenshots to see what your kids are doing on their smartphones in real-time. The app keeps you updated about the GPS location of your lovedones. Also, it lets you take control of cameras and microphone of the targeted cell phone to see and record the surrounding scenes and conversations. There are many other features that allow witnessing every single activity performed on and around the cell phones of children.

mSpy Mobile Phone Tracker

mSpy is a well-reputed tracking application that offers monitoring solutions forcell phones and computers. The spyware software for mobile phones comes preloaded with a wide range of features enabling parents to keep tabs on the cell phone activities of their children. The parental control and cell phone monitoring applets you access your kids’ messages, call details, internet history, contacts, photos and videos.

The spyware software lets you spy on social media apps including Facebook messenger, Snapchat, WeChat and Instagram.The spy app lets you access passwords, email addresses and usernames of your kids’ online accounts by recording all keylogs applied to the keyboard of the targeted cell phone.

MMGuardian Cell Phone Monitoring App

MMGuardian does not offers a broad range of spying features to track all activities performed on the cell phones of children. However, it is a trusted and easy to use cell phone monitoring app that lets you achieve your purpose of child monitoring. It lets you monitor text messages and phone calls received and made by your teens. You can also block incoming messages and phone calls from annoying or unwanted contacts to prevent bullying and sexting.

The cell phone monitoring app also lets you manage the internet use of your kids. You can filter websites and block access to adult-oriented and objectionable websites. The software also lets you manage mobile phone use of your kids. You can set screen time restrictions to keep your kids from using their smartphones during bed time, school time or any other time period.

The Phone SherrifCell Phone Parental Control App

The Phone Sherrifis a reliable and user-friendly cell phone monitoring app that allows parents to track and manage the smartphone use of their children. As well as offering the traditional cell phone spying features, the parental control app enables parents to limit screen time of their kids. If you do not want your kids to use their phones for more than one hour, the spy app will automatically shut down or lock their phones after an hour or on your command.


Mobistealth is cross-platform cell phone monitoring app intended for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian based mobile phones.It offers all traditional features of cell phone monitoring apps which include tracking of texts, MMS, emails, contacts, photos, videos, phone calls and more. The spy app also enables parents to supervise the internet activities of their children by getting access to the internet browsing history of their smartphones. Moreover, it allows spying on WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber and Kik messenger.

Hope this article would be helpful in learning about the best cell phone spy apps to supervise the cell phone use of teens and tweens.