Best Techniques for Video Optimization after SEO Updates

In a world where half of the population is biased towards watching videos, it is high time that we start investing in video SEO. The process has to be observed in two ways. First, we use videos to optimize the web page for better SEO. And then, we optimize the videos to achieve better SEO. There are various techniques for video optimization that can be put to use.

Video Title Length

Video title plays a very important role in the process. It can be improved by the proper and accurate use of keywords, its descriptive power, and its length. The video title must be attractive and catchy to the eyes of the viewer so that it urges him/her to click on it.

The portion of the video title, which will be visible to the user when they search for the video or see the video thumbnail is also important because these things will help them decide whether the video is worth their time or not. To meet these criteria, you must carefully choose the video title length, which is found best at 100 characters. The video creator should sum up all the interesting facts about the video in these 100 characters. A few things that should be kept in mind while framing a video title are:

  • Important names and entities should be included in the title.
  • If you are targeting a certain locality, you should specify the location also.
  • You should use the keyword, which best describes the background of the video and also for which you would like the video to show up. For example, if a digital marketing company in Pune is planning to put up a video on food varieties, it should include ‘Pune’ in the title.

Attractive Thumbnail

The simplest way to increase the click results for a video is to use a high-resolution image of size 1280×720 along with proper readable text on it. The mantra is to make the thumbnail more recognizable and catchy. Viewers must be able to read what is written for quick action. You should also use the same format for all the thumbnails to maintain consistency. There is an infinite number of patterns that a thumbnail can follow, but you do not have to do the same. You have to create a unique and engaging thumbnail of your own. You can also do it by using certain software tools like Adobe Spark. When a video (i.e. video thumbnail) looks cool, there is more probability that people will watch it.

Right Content

This aspect is the master of all the techniques for video optimization because it proves that content is everything. No matter how good the video is in terms of resolution and graphics if it is not good in content, there is nothing that can attract people towards it. Videos that make sense to their search query are the only ones that succeed. Typically, there are two types of video content that are mostly seen on a video platform like Youtube.

●       Emotional Content:

These are the type of videos that people watch out of their personal interest because they can relate to it. Videos deliver various types of emotions like sadness, happiness, anger, cuteness etc. Whatever the type of emotion is, the idea must resonate with the audience for them to like it and watch it. People prefer their emotion over anything and it can actually work wonders if a video has a really good concept.

●       Educational Content:

People in this category look forward to learning something, maybe the recipe of a dish they want to prepare but don’t know how to start. These videos need to be responsible for the content they create because they are making the people believe that what they are portraying is true. Correct and precise information should be provided to the viewers failing which they are surely going to dislike it.

The above-listed techniques for video optimization are a must for anyone planning to venture out into the digital marketing world and that too using video SEO. If video optimization is not your cup of tea, hire a digital marketing company in Pune, Mumbai or anywhere else to help you with it.