Cleaning central air conditioners is no more a trouble, read below to know how

Whenever you encounter a defective condenser or a malfunctioning refrigeration system in your central air conditioner, without any further delay, call for the expert technicians in the house to do the work. You will be surprised to know that keeping every component clean in the central air conditioner can reduce most of the problems.

Removing any weeds or bushes around the condenser

Shredding or removing any bushes or small plants from the surrounding of the condenser can certainly help you with good airflow through the unit. With the help of a screwdriver, you can remove the access panels and the top head of the unit and clean the fans because the fan unit is generally attached with the top unit. You need to pay attention while removing the access panels because there are electrical wires attached to it and there are chances that you cut off the wires as well.

Cleaning the AC condenser unit

Along with the indoor unit, it is also crucial to keep the outdoor condenser unit clean and dirt free. Before cleaning the outdoor unit, make sure to switch off the power supply from the disconnected box nearby the condenser and the main cable. This way, you will be safe from electric shocks while cleaning the dirt.

Cleaning dirt from the fan blades

Wiping off the dirt from blower’s fan blades not only helps you keep the air conditioner working properly for long but at the same time, it does not make any sound while operating. You can use a rag to remove all the dirt off and vacuum the excess debris from the base of the machine.

Cleaning the filters twice a year

Several AC units come with a replaceable or reusable filter in the air handler cabinet. Some of the AC units come with air filters along with the return-air registers in the indoors. You can clean or replace the disposable filters two-three times a year or reuse the filter and get service done  as per the directions stated by the AC manufacturer.

With the help of a vacuum, clean all the coils from the outside and later from the inside. You can see, if you have not cleaned the machine in a long time, the dirt and debris pile up and you might have a hard time cleaning  commercial aircon . If you are planning to clean the HVAC system, make sure you have the best of professionals to get the work done as they provide efficient services at best prices.

You can clean the HVAC systems at your home, but when the dirt and grime are extreme, you need to call only the experts.