Common myths associated with a solar panel.

Solar power is not subject to any market risk, but a lot of myths surround it. Before you head for solar panel online shopping India some pointers you need to be aware. Indian is blessed with rays of the sun and 300 days of a year the country has abundant sunshine. No wonders to the fact that solar energy is an abundant source of power. But sadly the country has not been able to harness solar power. This could be due to the definite lack of understanding of solar energy at an individual level.

It is the right time to view solar energy from a different angle, as you need to consider it as an investment. You can compare it to mutual funds. The only difference is that it is not subject to any market risks, as they are lot of myths surrounding it.

Solar does not work for me

This is a common misconception among most people and this is irrespective of the power situation where you reside. You need to consider solar energy as a form of investment. Even if you have 24 hours power round the clock, just invest in solar energy and avail fruitful investments in the future.

Solar appears to be a costly investment

In the last few years the prices of solar energy are on a downward curve make it inevitable and affordable.  Purchase of the cheapest online solar panels can be done with a few thousand rupees. Solar radiations are possible depending upon your needs. If large investments are needs you can purchase them and convert them into EMIS in the form of short term and long term loans. Ideally more you invest the better returns you gain.

Comparing returns solar power works in favour when you analyse it with diesel. This can provide you with a 50 % advantage when running costs and investment is taken into consideration.

Solar seems to be complex

This is not the case! Installing solar appliance in your home is just like installing any other appliance in your home. It proves to be a simple 3 stage process where approval has to be taken from the distribution company.

Just opt for a solar panel as per your needs. You need to follow the below guidelines on the type of solutions and the reasons for purchasing them

  • Off grid solution – This provides an opportunity to store solar power for later use. It is incorporated from battery packs where solar power is stored throughout the course of the day. In areas of high power cut they are stored. As batteries are there the cost is on the higher side. In one way they are much better than diesel generator.
  • On grid solutions- by using electricity you can produce solar energy. It is then exported on to the grid. You save on electricity bills as you are just paying for the units exported. They do offer the best rate of investment on solar power.