Coping up with flu like symptoms when you are pregnant

The moment you are trying to conceive, you might be wondering you would catch the latest bug from your office. Figuring out the flu symptoms during pregnancy is going to be a tricky proposition. The symptoms of flu in the form of nausea headaches are common in early stages of pregnancy.

The first signs of pregnancy

The first and most viable sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Some women may report soreness of their breasts, fatigue or mood swings before a missed period. If signs emerge from flu or pregnancy and you suspect that you are pregnant a home pregnancy test is suggested. Once pregnancy progresses you might relate to other signs of illness or pregnancy.

For a pregnant woman some degree of discomfort is common during the second and third trimester of pregnancy as the body adjusts to the changing demands of a baby. It would be really important to discuss with your doctor the list of various symptoms you are facing so that they can take remedial measures at the earliest.

Pregnancy, fever and flu

During your period, basal body temperature which is the resting temperature of your body can change. This sudden change of temperature can point to signs on how the body is ovulating that can derive the best time for conception.

You need to be aware that neither conception nor ovulation is expected to raise the body temperature at fever levels. In case if you are pregnant and suffering from fever then the chances of it occurring from infection is on the higher side. Flu treatment during pregnancy needs to be addressed at the earliest before it assumes alarming proportions. The symptoms like a sore throat, fever are more likely to occur because of cold and not due to pregnancy. It is just that it has gone on to coincide with your pregnancy.

Home pregnancy test

All home pregnancy tests operate on the standard principle of HCG detection in your blood or urine levels. The placenta is responsible for the production of this hormone and this can be detected in a lab test before your missed period. In the early stage of pregnancy levels of HCG can vary from a woman to another. Some home tests go on to detect HCG on the first date of your missed period but these tests are more accurate once you go on to check the urine levels a couple of days after a missed period.

When to get in touch with a doctor

If your menstrual cycle is right on track and if your period occurs a week late, a good idea would be to check whether you are pregnant or not. Screening tests along with medical check-ups are a part and parcel of pregnancy. So do set up a prenatal visit if your home pregnancy test has been detected for pregnancy.

In case if you are pregnant and are showing up signs of flue, it is important that you get in touch with your doctor straight away.