Data Recovery – 3 Programs to Test

Deleted data, computer does not start and Windows reinstallation – these are the most common ailments for regular users. There are some most exclusive data recovery programs to consider:

GetDataBack simple

It is a very simple paid program in Metro design that will surprise you with its performance. It has surprised by the recovery of the structure / data from a disk that did not open even in Windows, and other programs could not handle it either.

TestDisk (PhotoRec)

It is an open source program that also works, where commercial solutions fail. Working with it is a bit more complicated because it does not have a graphical user interface (GUI), but you work with it on the Command Line.

Puran file recovery

Freeware is part of Puran Utilities. It can also find and restore what those other ones can not find. It only has the disadvantage that it restores slowly and when selecting deleted files, you can choose the image filter. When recovery does not look at the filter images, it restores all the ballast, so dll libraries etc. whatever that were on the disk. It is not possible to choose the folder from where you want to recover; it only accesses the entire disk, which is a major minus.

Most recent causes of data

  • Viruses – If the computer was infected with a virus and it was activated, data recovery depends on the type of virus and the degree of damage.
  • Improper user intervention – It is one of the most common cases of data corruption, and after such intervention the specialist at server data recovery services can usually recover the information.
  • Natural disasters – Fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. What happens in such cases, there is no need to explain.
  • Stealing – If there is a theft, there will be no experts here. Much worse is if the information is misused.
  • Computer malfunctions – For example, power failure. In this case, the disk is mostly unusable, but data can be copied to a new disk. Damage may also happen due to a hardware or software failure.

You can recover the deleted or lost files by using the tools discussed in this article.


Data recovery is of a non-public nature and therefore rescue information is provided exclusively to the ordering person in the case of the person in charge. After diagnosis, the extent of the failure, the percentage recovery of data recovery, the exact final cost, and the duration of the data rescue is determined. The price varies depending on the type and extent of the damage and the need for spare parts.

In this way, we help businesses and individuals protect their data against loss through our NYC hard drive data recovery service, which may in some cases be liquidated.