Don’t let epilepsy spoil your motherhood dreams

Epilepsy is no longer a deterrent in pregnancy any longer thanks to advance medicines. Sudden seizures do pose serious complications and unique scenarios but in spite of that women are taking the courage to have babies. Before going ahead with a pregnancy epileptic patients must undergo a consultation with the gynecologist. You will require care and specialization of doctors who have experience in handling such patients. Doctors will map your seizures and understand whether you need any particular treatment before pregnancy.

A mother suffering from epilepsy is likely to transfer the same defect into the child. In case she is taking medicines for the condition the child is likely to receive the medication as well. But that does not mean that you stop taking them. It is imperative that you work out with your doctor about the kind of medicine that will work effectively in controlling the condition. When the seizure is slightly controlled or perfect medication has been found then pregnancy should be pretty easy.

It has been observed that the surge in the estrogen levels enhances seizures during ovulation. But when the pregnancy has set in there is an increase in the progesterone level which has anti-convulsive benefits. This means that in most cases, the seizures either decline or remain static throughout the period. Still you should continue with your epilepsy medicine during pregnancy to keep any untoward possibilities at bay.

Pregnancy is a time to be particularly careful about any kind of medication. Unless absolutely necessary this is not the time to go for medicines. You want everything perfect and natural for you bundle of joy. Many women suffer from indigestion and have to take pregnancy digestion medicine. Indigestion is a major problem during this time because you are unable to digest larger meals. So the trick is to eat small meals after regular intervals. Even in the later months the indigestion continues as the baby keeps pushing against the stomach.

Headaches, backaches, and morning sickness are going to be your friends for the nine months and you should refrain from any kind of medicine as long as the pain is tolerable. If you really have to take any medicine then do consult a doctor. Alternatively you can try methods like a head massage, or a bit of stretching to get rid of the aches and pains. Drinking a lot of water is very important at this stage. It is sure to make you feel hydrated and keep away constipation.

For cough and cold you can try some warm beverage, as well as honey and lemon. It can work wonders without harming the baby in any way. Taking a lot of folic acid is also necessary in this stage. Regular checkup with the doctor is a must during this period. Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important for the birth of a healthy baby. Taking any over-the-counter drugs is not at all suitable at this stage. Always consult a doctor before changing or taking medicines.