Download Tubemate For Some Amazing Features

The name of the application would give a hint about what the app is all about. Tube – Mate? Yes, the Mate, friend of YouTube which stretches out its hands to make the android users’ easy download of their videos.

Why tubemate is popular?

  • As internet would not be available everywhere and every time, there would be situations where one needs to or wishes to watch out any videos of their choice. The downloads of Tubemate would definitely fulfils such necessities irrespective of the availability of internet as well as the signal issues.
  • The obvious but significant feature would be of its characteristic of ‘offline videos’ at hand.
  • Once downloaded, those videos can be shared in SD card, pen drive.
  • In respect to friendships, these downloaded videos of your favourites, can be shared with your friends, grandparents who does not have access to internet.
  • Repeated mode of watching does not cost you nothing, except your time.
  • It saves you from losing mobile data.
  • There is a problem with downloading the videos offline directly in YouTube and through Tubemate, where removing the caches and data would make lose of the saved videos from YouTube, wherein there would not be any lose of the downloaded data unless you delete it.
  • There is no need to ‘Renewing’ the videos as in YouTube after a specific period of time.
  • This application is usable both in smart phones as well as in PC according to the preference of the users.

How to download TubeMate?

This is one of those applications that which is not available in the Play Store. Thereby,

  • in order to download this app, one needs to go to Google and type TubeMate in the search box.
  • There it is easily available options of severallinks to download this TubeMate.
  • Once downloaded, it is no difficult to use it.
  • By copying the links from other applications of videos like that of YouTube, Smule etc, and pasting in TubeMate, there would appear the video that you are needed.
  • To download, the user just has to touch anywhere in the video, followed by the option to Download.
  • By clicking the button of Download, the video of your requirement is offline at your hand.
  • There is always an option given to the users to select the quality of the video need to be downloaded and it can be chosen according to their preferences. Each time it can be opted for every single video to confirm.
  • What need to be kept in mind is that the downloaded videos are always saved to SD card if the phone has one, as default. If the user wants, it can always be exported to other storage areas.

Why Tubemate?

  • Without any doubt, anyone can say the answer that it is highly user-friendly.
  • Simple and straight are the methods to download any video.
  • The function of TubeMate is to make the work of user comfortable.
  • As it has only one purpose, there would not be any confusion regarding the settings and use of the application.
  • It is free of cost. TubeMate is not a paid application.
  • Consumes very less storage for it takes only 8.24 MB in the latest version.
  • TubeMate also enables the viewers to have a say in the quality of the video one wants to download by selecting each time of their choice while downloading.