With the world getting smaller and our appetites growing ever more adventurous… it is only natural to want to explore the foods of our global neighbours.

Unsurprisingly, in recent decades there seems to have been a positive uptake of the foods of our Belgian friends. However, as Belgium is also a Dutch or Flemish speaking nation- we thought it would be only fair that we also explore and include some Dutch delicacies.

  1. Chocolate. It’s always good to appreciate this melting, rich flavoursome fancy, and the Belgians seems to have made a reputation for themselves when it comes to truly scrumptious chocolate. The lingually diverse nation of Belgium offers not only an eclectic mix of French and Flemish– but they also offer some of the world’s finest chocolate.
  2. Drop. Seeing as we are keeping on the topic of sweet stuff, it only seems worth-while mentioning this uniquely Dutch delicacy. Drop -or sweet or salty liquorice- is very popular in the Netherlands, where drop consumption is the highest in the world. In fact, each person eats more than 4 pounds (2kg) per year!
  3. Waffles. Both traditional Liege waffles and the thinner Stroopwaffles are enjoyed by Belgians and Dutch alike. In fact in recent decades these delightful delicacies have become a global favourite- with those in The States enjoying both savoury and sweet ones whilst Europeans have been sticking to the sweeter variety of the waffle.Whichever way you choose to enjoy your waffle, it is needless to say that the popularity of these doughy dishes is far from over.
  4. Appeltaart. A self-explanatory dish by all means. A delicious apple tart that resembles something between a tart and a cake, and all the more delicious for being a mix of two delectable desserts! Besides, maybe eating an Appeltaart a day could help to keep the doctor away?
  5. Poffertjes. Dutch mini pancakes that are light, fluffy and delicious. These perfectly formed miniature pancakes are made in a special cast-iron pan and build on age-old pancake making traditions. The Netherlands have particularly become associated with these petite Poffertjes– a humble mix between the pancake and a Kermis cake.
  6. Speculoos. Loved by the Flemish and Dutch alike- and rightly so! This delicious biscuit mirrors its history- where a speculoos mould would be struck against a table and forms a biscuit mirroring the shape of its mould. In fact, speculoos have become a staple of Belgium, with famous firms such as Maison Dandoy producing approximately five tonnes of speculoos every year and making up 50% of Maison Dandoy’s total production capacity. It is evident to see that speculoos are a truly delicious and popular treat.
  7. Stoofvlees. A traditional Flemish beef stew. Although Belgium and the Netherlands are famous for their sweet treats, it is hard to ignore some of the most delicious savoury dishes. Stoofvlees, or Carbonade Flamande, is a delicious slow cooked beef stew which is served on a stack of chips. This Belgian beauty is brewed with local brown beer- or Oud Bruin – giving it a beautiful flavour.
  8. Finally, in paying homage to the food of the Netherlands, it seems rude to ignore the speciality dish of raw herring. Traditionallya large part of the Dutch economy revolved around the fish tradeand the Dutch innovatively developed the process of instantly preserving fish in a brine solution. So, whether you are adventurous enough to try this Dutch delicacy or not, it is hard to ignore the popularity of this dish especially amongst more Nordic regions.

So with our Dutch and Belgian friends offering such appetizing and interesting dishes… there is only one thing left to do… Go and try some of these delicious foods!