eLearning – A Smart Way To Study!

With the advancement of technologies, there is a drastic change in our lifestyles. It has made our life easy and entertaining. From waking up in the morning till we fall asleep we are in constant use of it. Some examples include setting an alarm on your smartphone, the internet to browse, tablet to read eBooks, etc. Also, the concept of attending classes online. Web-based learning is a platform for students to take distance education, and also, learners who are unable to travel to a physical classroom of a school or university due to their disabilities, or working professionals willing to take up a correspondence course can take up sessions as per their convenience. eLearning is less expensive when compared to traditional learning and focuses on individualised learning. The goal of eLearning is to provide easy education in a convenient way. There are many eLearning apps which provide online education and one such app is BYJU’S. The faculties are highly experienced in the education industry and are experts in the subjects. Through eLearning understanding of the complex topics such as Magnetic effect in physics, periodic table in chemistry, number system in mathematics or cell division in biology, etc. is very simple and interesting.

Benefits of eLearning

Below are some major benefits of web-based learning:

  • Saves the environment with the paperless way of education
  • Reduces air and noise pollution as traveling to a physical place not required
  • It is less expensive than traditional learning
  • Traveling stress can be avoided
  • It is a flexible way of learning as learners can take up classes from anywhere and at anytime
  • Every student has different grasping speed and capacity and hence through eLearning, students can take up classes at their own pace until they are clear with the concepts
  • Traveling money and time is saved
  • The educators online make the session interesting with colorful creatives and 3D videos
  • Experiments are conducted with examples of real-life applications

For a better understanding of various other concepts such as  Calculus, Inductive effect, Mole Concept, Refraction of light through a prism, etc. students can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn in a more engaging and effective way.