Get Unlock Codes for Samsung Galaxy S6

It is not an unknown fact that most of the smartphone companies sell their phones at a subsidized rate by locking them to a particular network. It is because less expensive phones will be bought by the majority of the people which will boost their overall business. And, as consumers you will end up buying such a product because it is a great deal, right?

But, after a few years of using it, you might want to change the network or in case you are moving abroad, you will require a new SIM card. In such a case, you will have to unlock your phone from the particular network you were using all this while. To unlock the phone from the network, you will require the unlock codes. In case you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 and you are looking for unlocking it from the particular network, the steps which you can follow are discussed below.

You can get unlock codes for Samsung Galaxy S6 by following the necessary instructions.

  1. You can avail any of the online services for free where the team of experts will help you to derive your unlock codes. The process is extremely easy and it may take some seconds to unlock your device from a particular network. You can open the webpage of the online service and select ‘Android SIM Unlock’ feature which will be present in the ‘Tools’ or ‘More Tools’ option. Make sure your phone is rooted. After the device is rooted, connect it to the computer via USB cable. The website will automatically detect your phone. As it detects, click on the ‘Android Root’ option. The website will take some time to figure out the best rooting option for you. As it finds out and a popup appears, click on ‘Root Now’.

As the rooting process gets over, click on ‘Unlock’ and the website will automatically unlock your SIM. This process will take some time and in between your phone will restart on its own. Allow that to happen by keeping your phone connected until the process gets completed.

  1. The second method is the traditional method of receiving unlock codes, which will take a few days. You can do this either by paying a fee in advance to the particular company or you have to participate in their sponsored offer options by paying through e-payment services. When you log onto the company webpage, select your handset’s model and brand and go to the option ‘Unlock Now’. Fill in the details of your country and the network from which you want to unlock the device. You will have to fill a form where you need to upload the IMEI 15 digit code of your handset which you can get by dialling *#06# from your phone. Do add your registered email ID and make the payment. Wait for a few days and you will receive the unlock code on your email.

Insert your new network’s SIM card and enter the unlock code you received. As the device reboots, you are free from the old network’s service!