Harley Reagan- Live Life with Value, Meaning & Happiness

Life can be challenging and hard for most people at times. However, life isn’t as cruel as it seems as there are some special human beings that enter into your life and become a healer, teacher and guide. When the road gets tough, these teachers hold your hand and guide you towards light. They give you the knowledge and wisdom you need to lead a rich and meaningful life.

Harley Reagan- an accomplished teacher loved and remembered by all

Harley Reagan was one such teacher who is loved and remembered by all. He had an extensive background in martial arts, philosophy, ancient mystery schools, psychology and religion. He dedicated his whole life to inspire and help his students across the world. He founded the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society and led the Ten-No- Kishi dojo in Arizona at Scottsdale. His students remember him as a mentor, philosopher and guide who was always accessible when they needed guidance or faced challenges in life. He used to hold many one-to-one consultations, conduct healing ceremonies and provide his students with classes when it came to physical mastery.

Helping people across the globe

The Society members today follow his ideals and are committed to help people across the globe. To them caste, gender, geographical location etc are not relevant. They have online forums where members can reach out to one another and share their views, opinions and perspectives when it comes to life and its challenges. With the tribe, many people of all ages have been able to transform themselves. Men and women from all states can connect with posts and messages. Training courses at the Lodge are shared and members interact with one another on a regular basis keeping the spirit of Harley Reagan and his teachings alive.

Healing forum for members

The members reply to those that have problems in life or are unable to overcome sorrow or grief. They view and reply to questions and other clarifications that people seek when it comes to improving the quality of their lives. The members of the tribe have senior teachers that instruct them on courses and they get the healing they need when life becomes too tough for them to handle alone.

Positive transformation for a better and peaceful life

The tribe claims that both men and women have been able to transform themselves. They have been able to shift their former paradigms and view the world with a new attitude and perspective.

Harley Reagan is still a guiding force for millions across the world and this is why he is loved and respected even till this day. His teachings are revered and his students carry his message to every nook and corner of the world. Despite being in martial arts for a very long time, he was a man of peace and he taught his students to conquer hearts with the message of love and compassion. He was a man of extraordinary abilities and still lives on in the hearts of millions as a guiding star in the world today!