Having trouble losing weight during menopause? Read this and discover how it works

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life that marks the end of her reproductive cycle. It normally happens after 40 years but it can happen before due to some underlying conditions such as damage to ovaries or a hysterectomy. Most women find it difficult to maintain a steady weight before, during and after menopause. The reason for this is increased insulin resistance, loss of muscle mass and hormone fluctuations that normally occur during menopause. To lose weight during menopause, a different approach must be taken. Many women find this task daunting and give up their goal of achieving a healthy weight, but this does not have to be the case. There are proven ways to lose menopausal weight for a healthier lifestyle.

The four stages of hormonal changes a woman experiences, Premenopause, perimenopause, menopause and post menopause, results in changes in metabolism and weight. Premenopause represents the reproductive years, perimenopause represents just before menopause starts, menopause is the start of the process and post menopause happens afterwards. Weight gain can begin in the perimenopause phase with changes in the estrogen and progesterone levels. Changes in estrogen levels are said to be associated with fat gain. This fat is stored in the belly area. Due to this change in hormones, women experience and increase in appetite. Many women find that their calorie and fat intake increase.

What are the don’ts of weight loss during Menopause?

  • Don’t expect to lose weight by simply following a regular exercise routine. The loss of muscle mass experienced during menopause requires a mixture of physical workouts to challenge the muscles. An easy going pace will not yield results.
  • Don’t disregard your diet. It is important that women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms understand their condition to know what to eat, how to eat it and when to eat.
  • Don’t give up on your goal of maintaining a healthy weight.

Tips to help women lose weight during Menopause

Maintain a proper diet

A diet high in fiber and low in carbs is ideal for women who are trying to lose weight. It is also important to time meals and eat the correct portions for best results. Protein, calcium and omega 3s are also important diet components.

Weight loss shakes for women

Weight loss shakes for women (such as Shakeology) help with the symptoms associated with menopause. Their low carb and high fiber content are especially important in keeping the pounds off. Many women find weight loss shakes an easy alternative to help them maintain a healthy weight. Many weight loss shakes suppress hunger and cravings, increase energy levels and promote muscle growth. This is due to the high nutrient content available in these shakes.

Shakeology is a weight loss shake for women that is considered good for women going through menopause. This is because Shakeology is nutrient packed and contain natural, sugar free ingredients to help the body feel nourished and deal with the symptoms of menopause. Shakeology nutrition label helps to maintain a healthy weight by helping to reduce cravings which are due to hormone changes associated withmenopause. It is also high in protein, fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals. Shakeology is all natural and packed with anti-oxidants to help a woman to heal and recover from menopausal symptoms.

Beach body Programs

Beach body programs tend to be more rigorous and yield better results than going to the gym. Strength training works well to build muscle mass while improving the mood. By building bone and muscle strength, burning body fat and speeding up metabolism, hormones become more balanced and the weight begin to disappear. For best results choose weights that will challenge your muscles and slowly increase your strength.

Make weight loss a priority

Many women are discouraged by their many attempts to lose menopausal weight. For best results, women must keep a positive mind set and continue to work toward their goal knowing that there are alternatives that can yield positive results.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for whatever stage of life you are in. Many women are discovering that weight loss is harder to achieve the closer they get to menopause. The search for a weight loss remedy for menopausal women is on-going and eludes many. Some women have however discovered the key to weight loss for menopausal women. They found weight loss shakes for women such as Shakeology provide high nutritional value and lead to a reduction in weight. It is one of the safest and easiest ways to achieve weight loss requiring the least amount of effort.

Weight loss shakes such as Shakeology are especially helpful. Weight loss shakes must be taken with a healthy diet and regular exercise that builds strength. Women facing menopause no longer have to dread the extra pounds, they only need to remain positive and work toward their goal because it is now achievable.