ICSI treatments- All that matters the most!

Sperm-related issueis one of the major causes of infertility. In world almost half of the intending couples willing to become parents do face these problems. If male infertility is a hurdle in conceiving journey; then ICSI treatment is advised worldwide.

In what conditions doctors can recommend for ICSI treatment?

 Only after the semen analysis; the reputed clinic will advise for ICSI treatments. Based on the crucial parameters of motility, morphology, concentration, volume, progressive sperm motility; if the sperm count is lesser than 15 million then ICSI treatments will surely help. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is advised when sperm count is very less.

If in your previous medical history of IVF; none or very few eggs were fertilized.

In the severe case of poor morphology or improper motility of sperm you may need to go for ICSI treatments.

ICSI treatments are also done when a male partner is not able to produce sperm normally due to blockages or any other kind of abnormalities.

Things that one must know before going for ICSI treatments!

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is considered to be a part of IVF treatments.

In more than 90% of the cases fertilization happens because the sperm is directly injected into the egg by the skilled embryologist.

The success rate of ICSI treatments depends on the age factors and other crucial medical conditions.

Even the birth defects of ICSI treatments are extremely rare. The skilled embryologists only use the best sperm to fertilize the egg.

How the procedures of ICSI treatments are performed?

The procedures are held in five steps with minimal discomfort and complete transparency is offered to a patient.

1)specialized pipette is used to handle the matured eggs.

2) Hollow or very delicate needle is then used to pick or immobilize a single sperm.

3) Into the shell or the cytoplasm of the egg this needle is carefully inserted.

4) When the injecting procedures successfully get completed, with utmost care the needle is removed.

5) In order to get the evidence of proper fertilization the eggs are monitored with extreme care.

When the procedure of fertilization takes place the doctors will go for embryo transfer. In this process into the uterus of woman the embryos are successfully placed. Doctors may prescribe for ultrasound and blood tests to know if the pregnancy has successfully taken place.

How to know about ICSI treatment cost in Mumbai?

In order to get an accurate cost of the treatment and faster results of conceiving you need to state the complete medical history to doctors without any hesitation. The cost of ICSI treatment is relatively higher if the sperm is retrieved through the process of surgery compared to ejaculation.

During the process of the treatments reputed experts will see to it that complete transparency is maintained. ICSI treatments are known since ages to improve fertilization rates; however if an patient intending to go for ICSI treatment has any kind of genetic issues the same should be discussed with the doctor.