Importance of a good video management system in a CCTV and reasons why you should consider a dash cam.

Video management system-

There are a lot of different CCTV that are currently available in the market that has quite a flexible price range and an even greater variety when it comes to the level of sophistication. There are cameras that simply takes hours and hours of video of your front door and there are those that have built in motion detection, face detector and trigger sensors. Therefore, you have a platter of varieties when selecting a CCTV camera for your need, but one thing that I would implore you to do before buying one is to ensure that it has good video management system.

Video management in CCTV is becoming more and more crucial as space for storage of footage is getting minimum. Modern day CCTV no longer store hours of footage, instead they start recording only when they are triggered. This saves a sizeable amount of space in your disc and you don’t have to go through hours of footage just to find the one that you were looking for all along. These triggers are generally built into these CCTV cameras. Additional capabilities such as facial recognition, motion detection, License plate recognition, Audio input are just some of the features that a modern-day CCTV camera boasts. These features allow the camera to identify the correct person and differentiate them from an intruder. Once these sensors are triggered, they can trigger an alarm and start recording the footage of the malpractice in progress. These are just a few reasons why it is necessary to choose a CCTV camera with a good video management system.

Dash cams-

  • Proof of accident- There have numerous incidences where the insurance company has denied a customer with any insurance after an accident just because they could not give them a sizeable amount of proof of their accident. Well this no longer will happen  because having a dash cam will let you record an accident as it happens and you can use the footage not only to get your money but also prove to the authorities who were the culprits in the accident.
  • Good for catching undisciplined drivers- More than often one gets irritated while driving on road because they have to deal with undisciplined drivers and bikers alike. The worst thing about this entire situation is that the culprits never get punished. This won’t ever happen again if you have a dash cam installed in your car. Having this camera will let you record these “hooligans” to the correct authority so that they are not let off easily this time.
  • Capture memories- One of the better things about owning a dash cam is the ability to record your entire road trip as you go. You don’t need any sophisticated cameras to capture your journey anymore. Just insall one of these on your dashboard and plug it in and relax and enjoy your ride while your camera records every moment of your journey.

These are just few of the benefits one enjoys with a CCTV with good video management system and a dash cam.