LIVEInternet 101 – Introduction to Chatbots

So, the other day I found my gran in high spirits cooking a delicious breakfast. Upon enquiring about the source of her cheerful mood, she said that Dave finally helped her fix our century old oven. I was startled with the fact that some random bloke paid her a visit and helped her out.

She has the habit of complaining about it all the time to anyone and everyone she meets. Upon enquiring more, she told me that she had a chat with him on the Internet. With Zuckerberg snooping all around, I got a bit scared as to how an Internet stranger got in touch with my gran.

After a couple of more questions and answers I realised that apparently, she went to some website and had a conversation with a chatbot who answered all her queries in a manner so efficient, that she couldn’t even guess that there was no living person on the other side.

Well, this got me thinking as to how artificial intelligence has come so far and how far they will go with the constant advancements in technology. Like my gran, if you are not familiar with the concept of a chatbot then read below and enlighten yourself as to what this about and how far it can go.

So, what is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is artificial intelligence created with a single purpose which is to interact with humans via a chat interface. C hatting with a bot and getting solutions for your troubles is easier than finding an accountant that’s right for you.

What fields are chatbots being used in?

With millions of customers, customer service executives have their hands full as they have to answer and address same questions and queries several times in a day. Another downside is that customers get disappointed and frustrated waiting on the line for hours on end to talk to a representative. Chatbots can be used in any type of business to answer customers’ queries and solve their problems. If a company uses a chatbot, it will be able to address multiple customers at the same time instead of just a single customer at a time.

Currently chatbots are being used in many fields like banking, healthcare, e-commerce, education and assistance. Nowadays banks are relying on chatbots to establish a better two way communication with their customers while cutting down on costs. Since people are getting more and more conscious about health and diet, they can approach a health bot that is able to dispense personal feedback based on their health issues. There are also E-commerce bots that handle customers and solve their queries. You might even be more familiar with assistance bots as we use them on our phones daily. Siri and Google Assistant – ring any bells? Seriously, what would we do without them?

How chatbots would impact our day to day life?

Since most of us like texting each other every day, it would be great if you don’t have to wait for the information you want. Imagine if you are travelling to some other country, you are not sure about the price of hotel and food there. You would have to go through the hassle of searching, scrolling through endless pages and finally deciding to text a friend who visited that place before. Instead, you could have had a conversation with the chatbot of that particular hotel and gotten all the answers you need instantly. If we are getting accurate solution to our problems without wasting our valuable time, our life would improve greatly.

How chatbots will shape our future?

As we live in an era where technology is constantly advancing, a chatbot will definitely transform our expectations into reality. Nowadays we are talking to chatbots on apps, social media platforms and websites. With advancement in artificial intelligence these bots will not only get better at processing our language, but also offer better solutions based on our personalisation. In the near future a day will come where every business has adopted chatbot service and made it easy for their customers to get correct and concise information they need in a matter of seconds. Let’s just hope they don’t become the Skynet.

I hope you got a general idea of what a chatbot is and the significant role they are likely to play in shaping our future. As for my gran, she is expecting Dave to come by and have her lip-smacking yummy chicken soup at home today, so I am bringing along Dave from accounts, as I don’t want to break her heart by telling her the truth.