Materials Used To Make Designer Hats And Accessories

Hats have remained an indispensable part of royal families throughout the globe. In some countries, headgear is considered to be a mandatory component of attire for royals. Many people consider a hat to be symbolic of the family’s fame and fortune. This is why hats have always appeared in the newspapers and on television. However, with the huge variety of designs in which men & women hats UK are available, hats have become affordable for everyone.
Hats can be made from a lot of materials. Depending on the occasion, the season and the budget, designers can create bespoke designs for their customers. Here is a list of the most commonly used materials for making hats.
Hats made from felt
Felt is made by compressing moistened natural fibres by use of friction and compression. These fibres can be either wool, fur or synthetic. The density and thickness of the resulting material can be varied by applying different pressure for compression. Depending on the finish you want in your hat, your designer will offer different options, for example, matte finish, glossy finish and polished finish. Felt is the material of choice for making patterned hats.
Hats made from leather
Leather has remained a faithful friend of designers because it can be crafted into a lot of accessories. It is made by tanning animal hides. Leather continues to be the most popular material for men & women hats UK. This is because leather comes in a variety of textures and is very durable. Also, leather can be used for making hats of any design.
Hats made from silk abaca
As the name suggests, this material comprises of fibres of silk and stiff fibres of banana palm, called abaca. Silk lends it a glossy and shiny appearance while abaca gives it the stiffness to be made into sculpted patterns. It is a very durable material and is most commonly used for intricately sculpted hats that often come for a hefty price.
Hats made from sinamay
Sinamay is the fibre that is harvested from the stalks of the banana palm tree. This fibre is much sturdier than cotton and silk and is very long-lasting. There are different grades of sinamay available, and each differs from the other in terms of weaving structure. These fibres can be stiffened by chemical treatment, and are mostly used for making hats of unique shapes and patterns.
Hats made from straw
The straw for making hats can come from different sources, hence, can be differently priced. The most commonly used straw of good quality comes from the fibres of sisal plant. This material is used by high-end fashion boutiques that make men & women hats UK. Hats made from this fibre have a very neat and uniform weave and are extremely popular spring-summer accessories.