Mobile Marketing Trends Of 2018 That Every Contractor Needs To Know

It is that time of life when almost all of the world is relying upon technology and most importantly mobile phones. We are pretty sure that you won’t find even a single person in your circle who doesn’t own a mobile phone. You can say that mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives and it is more of a necessity of this age

where communication is extremely important.

Now, in such a situation almost all the contractors out their account mobile devices when it comes to their marketing strategies because again, you cannot make a marketing plan or strategy without including and keeping all the mobile users in mind. According to statistics, aperson spends 5 hours of his day using his mobile phone and this figure is rapidly increasing at the moment. There are more mobile users out there than the desktop users so even if you are coming up with a marketing strategy for your business then make sure that you are considering and keeping the mobile users on top of your priority list. Want to know some of the best small business mobile marketing trends? Here you go;

1- The demand of mobile centered websites is increasing

Study and research shows that 51% of the website visits come from mobile users because people prefer to visit sites and search on the web using their mobile phones. In short the first and foremost thing to do is to ensure that your website comes with a mobile friendly design and make sure that your site is responsive to the mobile users or else you might end up losing quite a lot of customers. Says

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2-Good mobile experience can help you with your search engine rankings

Google keeps making a change in it’s algorithm and well, something similar happened a while ago. Now, according to Google’s mobile friendly interface only the mobile friendly websites will be able to rank high in the search engines and this is something that you as a contractor need to take seriously. It won’t matter how good

you are with your SEO skills until your website is giving a good experience to the

mobile users.

3-There is a huge shift towards video centered content strategy

Let’s face it, watching videos on mobile phone is way easier than reading long textsand it’s just easier to digest all the colorful infographics. There are just several reasons why people cannot get enough of the mobile videos and you cannot just ignore or neglect this fact especially if you are a contractor. Again, if your website is

not mobile friendly or if it doesn’t fit the requirements of all the mobile users out there then honestly, you are missing out on a big figure visitors for your site. Moreover, if you really want more clicks on your site then try to shift from text to video content

and online ads.

If you really want to improve the chances of success with your marketing strategy then you need to keep these mobile marketing trends on your fingertips. Just keep one thing in your mind and that is to never lose hope and stay constant with your efforts because sooner or later, if you are giving your best then know that you will

have results too. Says Ed Cal Media Agency.