Seven Vital Tips to Consider when Storing Vinyl Records

A large number of modern-day individuals are lately investing in vinyl records probably because these are considered much better than digitized MP3s. Apart from having an exceptional sound, the former can also most surely improve your taste in music by encouraging you to listen to bands with artistic integrity, which write songs as well as play instruments on their own.

Purchasing vinyl records from an authentic shop is not enough if you forget paying attention towards maintenance. Some top-notch experts have emphasized upon the importance of renting a storage unit and implementing certain essential tips like installing vertical shelves, getting climate control, avoiding over packing etc. For details, check out below-mentioned pointers right away.

  • DarknessVinyl records would last long when not exposed to intense sunlight. They fare well in darkness and expect for artificial tube lights or bulbs, which could be turned off if needed, a storage unit remains absolutely unilluminated.
  • BoxesKeep vinyl records in spacious boxes not along with other items and remember to tag them as ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’. If any of the discs have ruined sleeves, replace them immediately with brand-new polypropylene covers.
  • ShelvesMost contemporary storage units do not have shelves, so, fix them all by yourself. However, people who are not capable of affording a shelf must make sure that their precious vinyl records do not come in contact with flooring. Placing them cautiously on something durable like pallets stands to be a viable solution.
  • Vertical ApproachEmbracing a vertical approach to not putting much pressure on discs is utterly important. Imagine a stack of delicious pancakes served primarily during breakfast, and move on to arrange your vinyl records in the same way.
  • Climate ControlRent a climate controlled self-storage facility, which assures that no item is subjected to immense humidity or heat under any circumstance. As per recent studies, a vinyl record would remain in an excellent condition when surrounding temperature is about 73 degrees and humidity levels 40%.
  • No Over packOver packing is strictly prohibited because a vinyl record would wear out soon if it is not allowed to breathe sufficiently. Too much bubble wraps can impose unnecessary burden and pave way for irreversible damages. Yes, you might have to go for a much bigger unit or require a huge amount of additional cartons but it is obviously feasible to keep your collection in a pristine condition.
  • Extra ProtectionAlthough a storage unit offers utmost protection, you can still execute certain extra measures. Getting insurance is perhaps most necessary. Search for policies that provide more coverage even for a meager monthly payment. Monitoring 24/7 through surveillance cameras and restricting entry can also help a lot.

Now in case you are worrying about which storage unit to rely on, carry out a thorough research, seek specialized recommendations, and see if the concerned space is accessible, secure, free of pests, and sizeable. Even though plenty options are readily available, owners of self storage in Brooklyn has acquired most popularity among lot as they assure quality along with affordability.