Simple Home Remedies for Stretch marks

Stretch marks happen when your body size changes suddenly. Usually, women get stretch marks while they are pregnant. You may also get stretch marks if you have suddenly gained a lot of body weight. Stretch marks are usually seen in the abdominal areas. Arms, and thighs. Stretch marks come into existence when the skin stretches rapidly causing the collagen becomes weaker. Stretch marks are pink when they first appear. Over time the stretch marks can become darker in color. Stretch marks transform into scars as time passes. These marks can degrade your image if they become visible. But, you do not need to worry. This article contains information about natural remedies of stretch marks that you can follow. 

·         Coconut oil is great for removing str3etch marks. Try to massage the affected area with pure and organic coconut oil daily. The constant use will make your stretch marks less visible and smaller in size.

·         Neem is another wonderful plant that helps in scar removal. Neem is also effective for stretch marks. You can apply neem paste mixed with turmeric or gram flour powder on your stretch marks. Alternatively, you can also buy no scars skin cream which has neem extracts in it.

·         Castor oil is appreciated by people for its healing properties. It contains a high amount of ricinoleic acid. This compound is known as skin- condition9ng agent. It helps stretch marks and scars to heal faster. Castor oil also makes those scars lighter. Just regularly massage your stretch marks with castor oil for 15-20 minutes daily before you sleep.

·         Aloe Vera is often called a wonder herb. It has soothing properties and makes the healing process faster than you can think. Aloe vera contains glucomannan and gibberellins. These two products are responsible for fast collagen production and feeding the stretch marks. You can use fresh aloe vera juice with vitamin E or pre-made aloe gel to apply on your stretch marks. Doing this twice daily is recommended. Aloe vera is useful in treating other types of scars also. Most no scars cream for acne scars contain aloe extracts.

·         Coffee beans have caffeine. This caffeine can make biological activities get faster. It also dissolves fat tissues beneath the skin. Coffee is also rich in anti-oxidants. Coffee beans can be used for scrubbing, Scrubbling makes blood circulation easier. To prevent stretch marks scars, just mix coffee powder with one or two teaspoons of oil(any oil you want) or aloe vera gel and daily scrub the affected area gently. This will surely make the nasty scar go away.

·         Lemon has strong bleaching property since it contains citric acid. The bleaching helps the marks and scars to become lighter quickly. Apply lemon juice alone or mix it with few drops of cucumber juice or make a paste of lemon juice and gram flour in 1:1 ration and apply directly on the affected area. Let it seat for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Do not forget to apply moisturizer after it.

The stretch marks are inevitable. But you can easily prevent these marks from becoming scars and also make them less visible with some simple home remedies. All of these remedies must be followed for one or two months to get the appropriate result. These remedies are easy and affordable and also side effect free.