Some Innovative Techniques For Earning Loyalty Points on Frequent Flyer Programs

Thanks to increasing competition in the airline industry, earning air miles isn’t that hard anymore. However, there are still some techniques and ways to garner more points. Keep reading to find out the top five tips on how to gain these extra points on your FFP.

Your frequent flyer program awards you with lucrative points to add to your air wallet as a token of your continued loyalty to them. These points not only get you a step closer to your dream free flight but also gives you access to the airline’s vast exclusive stores that sell top-notch merchandise. Guess what; there are several ways to gain these points other than flying itself. Here is a small handful.

  • Earning the Unused Miles from Family Members as Added Reward Points

There are family-oriented advantages offered by several of the airline frequent flyer programs. You could easily redeem the unused flyer points from other members of your family whom you have added to your association in the flyer program. For creating such an association, you would either have to add family members to the group with their consent or be invited in turn to do the same.

  • Earning reward points by Reclaiming Past Air Miles

If you’ve recently been on a trip or enjoyed any of the activities with your preferred airline or its partners, you can always apply for redeeming the subsequent reward points. With relevant proof of the particular activity, it’s easy to get the point numbers soaring by completing the required steps through your airline website. Just make sure you claim these miles within 180 days of doing such an activity. Most programs give you a window of 180 days to claim these miles and add them to your account balance.

  • Keeping an eye out for the Latest Offers and Deals on your Frequent Flyer Program

To be a smart customer to your airline program and utilise maximum benefits, you should frequently shuffle through the latest offers and deals on your airline website. Some of these offers may even bonus air miles than you would have received. And many times, you could also take advantage of the extra discounts offered by your airline loyalty program. Thus, whether it is booking a flight or a hotel or visiting your favourite spa, make sure you check for the latest deals and offers before you make the purchase.

  • Using Special Apps or Extensions to Never Miss out on Points Earning Opportunity

In fact, some programs have dedicated extensions for your browsers that can always keep you in the front line, when it comes to earning reward points. Not only do they keep a record of the various activities that help you earn but also assist you in maximising your points through inside deals and offers. Every time you are shopping or booking a table, these extensions will prompt you if you can earn air miles by transacting. They are like your ultimate air mile collecting buddies!

  • Converting the Points from Other Loyalty Programs into Air Miles

Now, we have all been guilty of signing up for innumerable loyalty programs only to never use the points we accumulate. Did you know that you can easily convert loyalty points that you may have earned in several loyalty programs? All you have to ensure is that the program you are part of is a conversion partner of your frequent flyer program. Most programs list out their conversion partners on their website to help you take advantage of points lying unused.

Earning air miles isn’t certainly just about booking flight tickets. All you need to do is be smart and use these innovative techniques to increase your miles earning potential. With these tips, never miss out on the opportunity of accumulating those precious miles. Happy Flying!