Ways to analyze the best radiology center near you for- CT scan, MRI or X-ray

Every time we turn around, we see science fiction is becoming a reality. There were talks about the drone that can now be used to explore Mars, modified techno-invented cars that can park themselves without the drivers. Yes, all these leaps and bound seen in the technology has made us achieve wonders. Similarly, our science has also shown great changes where the advancement of scanning machines like the X-ray machines, MRI scanners, and other CT Scans have made it possible to thoroughly check what is going inside the human body. Now there’s even a CT scanner that can show its users the animated 4D models or images of the organs, blood vessels, soft tissues, muscles, other vascular structures, and bones.

In real time we have made a drastic achievement in science. With all these machines now it has become very easy for doctors to diagnose the problems at the start only and begin the medication as soon as possible. Often patients are advised with medical images scanning in cases to know about any disease detection, identification of various injuries in the body leading to pain while walking or moving, etc. For specification and prompt results one can refer to the best ct scan in Mumbai.

Therefore, at times people get confused as there are many radiologists in the area and to choose the best out of them. In such cases one needs to put slight efforts for the best healthcare as possible. It becomes important to explore the good option of doctors and radiologists and make the final decision. Consider the following points while going for a radiologist in your area-

  • New technology- There have been an immense change in the technology where the ultrasound machines, CT scanners and other imaging machines are now available with the 4D colored imaging technology. On the other hand, the lower radiation doses and superior images have become the best forte for the doctors to diagnose any disease.
  • Accreditations The radiologist so selected must have the accreditation from the American College of Radiology. Every radiology programme must be standardized and based on proper techniques and procedures to have the best results.
  • Trained and certified technologists- To have the consistency of best results in the radiology, the technologists and other staff must be well trained to perform and study the results with proper detailed analysis. For getting this, one can check the feedback section, look out for various training undergone by the team of doctors and other certifications so achieved by the radiologist center.
  • Look for clear and concise reports- The best decision on the patient care relies on the reports that are clear and short. On the other hand, the general physician must be able to conduct a collaborative discussion with the radiologist if required in certain special cases. The radiology reports must be such that is definitive diagnosis and prove to be accurate and dependable too.
  • Patient safety- The facility that you choose must be strongly focussed on the patient’s safety. The imaging equipment and other technological machines must be timely updated and constantly maintained.
  • Look for the area of specialization- The radiologist must be specialized in the field so that the reports conducted by them are accurate and clear. They must be able to make a detailed analysis of the study and results so conducted on the body.

In order to determine the quality of the radiologist, the following questions must be answered in order to have a clear assessment of the scan. There are three main commonly used imaging programs or scans that are conducted on the patients to diagnose any problem so faced by the same. These three are-

  • X-rays
  • CT scan
  • MRI scan

How do an X-ray work- The X-ray machines are like giant cameras that produce an X-ray picture, with the help of a very concentrated beam of electrons that are called X-ray photons. This beam of light travels through the air, comes into contact with the body tissues, producing an image on a metal film used to diagnose any broken bones, types of cancers, even to detect pneumonia and various other developing conditions. This examination of the part of the body is painless where it requires the patient to stand still for a short period of time that may at times cause a slight discomfort. But to have the accurate results the body should be at rest when the machine is in use.

Talking about the duration, it hardly takes a few minutes or a matter of minutes depending upon which part of the body is undergoing the X-ray.

How do a CT scan workAlso known as the computed tomography, it is a computerized X-ray technology where the procedure in which a narrow beam of x-rays is directly aimed at the patient which is then quickly rotated around the body. This process produces signals that are further processed by the machine computer to produce cross-sectional images of the body. The body is taken into a donut shaped structure called the gantry where the X-ray tubes rotate around the patient. Instead of using films like in X-rays, the CT scanners use special digital X-ray detectors that are later transmitted to the computer. The CT scans so advised have become a useful screening tool for detecting various tumors or lesions within the abdomen and other areas of the body.

Talking about the duration of the ct scan in Mumbai, it hardly takes few minutes to complete one rotation and give the results on the screen.

How does an MRI scan workThe MRI scanners are used in cases to detect diseases or body abnormalities, such as in brain aneurysms or tumors, or even in cases where a “second look” of the body organs is required if in case the other imaging scans provide inconclusive results. No radiations are used in MRI scan. The MRI images are generated by radio wave energy passing through the body that produces cross-sectional pictures of organs and internal structure in the body.

Thus, whatever test is required, look for the best radiology center in your area.