What to Expect from Advanced VLSI Training Center in India

Integrated Circuits have found its path in almost all the electronic gadgets and today most of the electric devices rely greatly on integrated circuits or IC. However, after the emergence of Very Large Scale Integrated technology things have become easier for engineers to integrate multiple transistors into one single chip efficiently. With scale down, VLSI design has become more efficient in regards to low power consumption, tiny size and higher speed. The future of electronic industry greatly depends on VLSI Engineer and this is why students after their B.Tech education are not looking forward to make their career in VLSI technology. This is why they are enrolling in the Best VLSI Training Institute in India.

About the Best Advanced VLSI Training Center

The Advanced VLSI Training Center is the only institution from where you can gain skills and knowledge about VLSI technology. Students after their degree in electronics can pursue advanced courses in VLSI design and excel in this technology. The training institutes are highly dedicated in offering in-depth and thorough understanding of all the advanced VLSI concepts and the courses are fortified through the detailed analysis of the simulation, synthesis using the specially designed reference codes. Students are also likely to get fixed hours of practical sessions where they will learn the robust RTL design as well as the advanced verification methods for enhancing the performance, reliability, and area that are the key aspects towards building the successful career in VLSI domain.

The Best VLSI Training Institute in India also offers its students with practical lab sessions for handling both mini and major projects that are dedicated towards enhancing the systematic design as well as verification approaches. Moreover, the institutions also focus on delivering the basic RTL synthesis as well as gate level netlist schematic analysis sessions that help the students to develop the hardware implementation and integration perspective on the top of the HDL. Finally, students would also be taught the skills on how to covert the gate level netlist into the MOS transistor level with comprehensive explanation about the fabrication process.

What are the Course Objectives?

The courses that are offered by the Advanced VLSI Training Center is dedicated towards the front end design with simulation as well as back-end flow translating the logic gates into the MOS transistor layer. The course curriculum is offered by the industry experienced trainer that will train the students thoroughly to excel in the field of advanced VLSI technology.                 

Upon successful completion of the course with Best VLSI Training Institute in India, students will:

  • Building thorough knowledge on Verilog, Digital, Synthesis, VHDL, UVM, System Verilog, CMOS along with other tools.
  • Have in-depth understanding of the vital aspects like the low power design of RTL and its synthesis, FSM’s, static timing analysis, synchronization and issues at CMOS level.
  • Students will also gain sound knowledge on the fundamental of verification with assertions and coverage metrics and development of UVM verification components and industry protocols.
  • Finally they will gain sound knowledge with working in professional VLSI environment which would include the Linux OS and usages of the Perl scripting language for the process of automation and also the Questasim/NCSim for simulation.